Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day

It's noon and our day began with Blossom forgetting to use deodorant and it's already 88 degrees and she's got B.O. so I had to send her back to the bathroom to toilet herself properly. This, after she didn't brush her teeth properly, if at all, last night and got another lesson in the importance of good hygiene.

And the two older girls STILL can't tell the washing machine from the dryer.

Jie Jie put on her same filthy clothes from yesterday, including socks and undies, and didn't obey the rules of her special need hygienic care. And she lied to me about it. She doesn't even realize that there is no possible way to get away with lying about her special need hygienic care because it's so very obvious.

It's so very, very discouraging.

At least I only had to go through two boxes to find the hardware to put my flag up. Some might say to forget such trivialities in the midst of parenting my kids, but it's these little things that keep me participating in adult life outside my children, something all moms need.


Anne Krause said...

Thank you for being so very honest - it's refreshing, to say the least. Too many in the adoption community try to put on a perfect front and never share any of their trials and struggles. We have three by birth and three by adoption. Whew.....we have had some bad times. Our 15 year old (adopted at age two) still has lying and stealing issues. It's frustrating, but if we share our troubles with other moms it helps us to keep up our endurance and strength! You're doing a great job, and as Elisabeth Elliott always said, "Just do the next thing."

Catherine said...

Can you please remind me which girl belongs to which nickname? Thanks! I've got Apple but confuse the others.