Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day - Cats Can Blow Their Noses

Strange title for a post, but I'm living life in the moment. As I prepared to type my Mother's Day post, I heard the strangest noises coming from the other room and there was my little Henry, thick, but clear, mucus dripping from his nose and a large sticky stringy glop in front of him. He continued to blow his nose, just like we do, expelling all manner of yuck. I did what I'd do for one of my kids and grabbed a tissue and between me wiping and him licking, we got it under control, though he continued to cough and blow for about 5 minutes before getting his airway clear. I don't have a fascination with mucus. Really. But I am amazed at what Henry is going through to heal. I am overwhelmed with awe at the strength of my little Henry as he continues to recover. He inspires me. Yes, I'm inspired by a little cat. He is the perfect example of strength, hope, bravery and perseverance. And, he weighs over 6 pounds now!

As for my children, we didn't celebrate Mother's Day in the traditional way. No cards. No breakfast in bed. No flowers. If I had a husband orchestrating it all, that'd be different, but I needed a day of rest, so it was church, fast food and a typical day working - yes on Sunday, unfortunately - sorting out Jie Jie's clothes that she's out-grown, some of which were still in a packing box. Did I mention that I'm still unpacking after nearly a year in our new house?

Why did I sort clothes today? Because I'm going to lose a day this week, really more days, over the next two weeks, as we head into medical mode. It's that time of year where Jie Jie's 6 and 12 month checks happen as well as Apple's post-cast check out-of-town. I'm also doing three post-adoption updates and so much more as I prepare the house for work. Apple is also having some complications due to the hardware still being in her head so we are getting some second opinions on some things. Through it all, Kaiser has been making more mistakes, life-threatening ones, for example, a referral to a cardiologist for Jie Jie turned up in my mailbox. Apparently, she's having heart palpitations. This, of course, is news to me. The reality is that some other child has been walking around for months with heart palpitations and needed the referral, not Jie Jie, but because Kaiser made a typo on our phone number, it took months for the referral to catch up to us and for me to notify someone that a mistake was made. This typo also held up Jie Jie's real referrals.

Blossom wandered out several minutes ago saying she couldn't sleep because she's thinking hard about behaving well tomorrow. Good. I'm glad that's on her mind. She's had three good days in a row after falling off the wagon for the last two weeks. Sissy has been trying hard today, too, after a rough day yesterday. Jie Jie began the day by lying to me, but improved as the day went on. Apple is getting her two-year molars and is having fitful nights, and her days are filled with two year-old rebellion at having to do OT and PT and a mommy who is trying to get her to talk. Believe me, this little girl can roll her eyes like you can't believe and absolutely will refuse to move a single muscle unless she wants to! But through it all, a mom said to me today at church to remember that loving kids, especially when they often don't seem to love me back, is Christ-like love. Mother's love their kids no matter what the kids do, even when it's very hurtful behavior to themselves and me. We must not expect them to love us in return, though we hope they do. Christ doesn't expect us to love Him in return for what He did for us, but He hopes we will. This gave me some much-needed strength on this day that celebrates motherhood when in my home mother and mothering is something that's still very new and often confusing to my children. Sometimes it's hard to remember that my two oldest haven't even reached the two year home mark and that my baby hasn't even been home a year yet. We are still very new family and still finding our way.


The Redhead said...

As usual, I'm blown away by what all you do and get done!
Happy (belated) Mother's Day :)
Glad Henry is doing so much better and healing.
I can't help but smile when I read that Apple can roll her eyes like you won't believe. That has to be too cute--even if it's naughty :) I'm glad that she's comfortable enough to do it, and has a Mommy to get her the assistance that she needs, so that she can do the eye rolling.
You've almost been at the house for a year--no way!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What great advice you received at church! Thank you for sharing! Good luck with everything this week. Will be praying for all of you!!