Saturday, May 17, 2014

Henry Update

My wonder boy has continued to recover. He's now up to 6.5 pounds and gaining steadily. His missing fur has nearly all grown back and he's enjoying laying around like a cat again stretched out on his side or curled into a tiny ball. His muscles are regaining tone and he's starting to climb and jump more. I have to be careful right now with the heat. It's been over 100 degrees here and he can't drink enough water to stay hydrated so I give him sub-Q fluids as needed. Now that he's stronger, he fights me a bit and jumps away and off the needle. I hate having to stick him more than once since cats can get skin reactions and cancer at injection sites quite readily, but I've discovered that since he can breathe now, I can use a towel to wrap him and restrain him a little and that worked last night.

He can tell time perfectly in 2 and 4 hour increments, depending on his feeding schedule. It's amazing how he can do this. He's still not totally like he used to be, but he's getting there!

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Jennie said...

So happy to read that Henry is truly on the upward mend. Cats are amazing. I just finished a book :A Street Cat Named Bob" - it is an easy and heartwarming read. Henry resembles Bob though Henry is on the lighter side.