Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Special Day for Special Kids

A large business in our community sponsors a huge event every year for children with special needs and their families. We went and it was very fun as well as inspiring. As the girls become more and more aware of what their special needs are and how they are different and the same, they have more feelings about body image, etc... This has been very hard for Jie Jie lately, who has decided that she's not going make good choices and decisions right now. She will not explain and I don't even know if she can, but she said it is what she's decided, regardless of the consequences. I've been asking opinions on this from "experts" and other parents and it seems that it's a normal phase, though an awful one.

Anyway, at this event, there were rescue helicopters and various emergency vehicles, bounce houses, horses to ride, lunch and more and all of it was free. It was a very fun family day for us, something we've needed!

Blossom, Sissy and Apple rode on a horse for the first time very. Blossom won't pet a wriggling 4 week old puppy, but she'll pet and ride a horse. I can't figure that one out. Apple wasn't thrilled, so I rode with her. She felt much better about it after going around the tree. I think she's going to like once she understands it. This group is all donation-based, so I'm going to get the girls involved as riding is great therapy and they all need posture and core work. I think they can learn to ride in exchange for some stall cleaning and horse brushing and will enjoy it.

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Anonymous said...

Yay! What a great opportunity for the girls!