Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Lizard Tale

Tonight I decided to take a quick dip in my pool to cool off. I was in my bathroom, wearing my swimming suit, when I moved something so I could open the door to the outside and I saw a lizard scramble across the floor. No big deal, I've seen lots of little lizards and I know they are harmless, even in the house, so I opened the door to the outside and tried to coral the thing out. It went the wrong way and scurried all over the place. I was making the appropriate girly squealing noises the more the thing ran. I finally thought I got it to run out the door and it did, but it dropped it's tail, in my bathroom, and the body with the head and legs still attached ran out.

I averted my eyes right away, covered them with my hanging bath towel, just catching the merest glimpse of the wriggling, writhing body-less tail. After a few moments I looked again and it was still wriggling and writhing, so I again averted my eyes into my towel for awhile. Then I checked again and again and it was still moving. A LOT! Why wouldn't the tail just die? But it didn't. And my squeals suddenly turned into sobbing tears into my towel. Even as I was surprised by my outburst of tears and mentally called myself all manner of names, like wimp, big baby, and tried pep talks about tiny little lizard tails, I kept crying, grabbed my pool towel, shut the bathroom door and ran to the phone.

There was a small problem with the phone so while I sorted it out, I calmed down, but I still called my friend, who is a fireman and was on duty across the street at the station, to come and dispose of the tail for me and he did, and I did not, could not, watch.

Would I have disposed of it myself if my friend hadn't been available. Yes, I'd have had to. But I know I would have had to wait until morning, leaving the bathroom door shut all night, while I worked up my courage. I've faced far worse than an undead lizard tail, but something about it just undid me!


Jennie said...

Henry would have happily chased the wriggly tail and maybe disposed of it as well.

Marianna said...

The tail continues to wiggle so the predator concentrates on it and not the escaping lizard. Good thing we don't have them here. Most of my girls can't handle a spider or june bug.

The Redhead said...

EWWWW Gross! I don't know what I would have done, but freaked out more than you did--that's for sure!
Of course you have to handle it if you have to, but still. . .