Sunday, June 15, 2014

Recovery is Going Well

Apple is recovering very well, but I think today we did a little too much by staying for all of church. She fell asleep sitting on top of the kitchen table while I was combing the surgery effluvium out of her hair!

Exactly the vein I told the anesthesiologist not to try!

Exactly the vein I told her not to try but on the other foot!

Third stick- successful IV site!
Because it's the vein I told her to use in the first place. Duh!

Cooling off carefully in the pool yesterday.

Ready for bed and happy.

Sprawling! You might notice it's a different crib and bedding.
I have two cribs now so I can have Apple in my room after
medical events and during illnesses without having to
disassemble and reassemble her crib each time. The
purple bedding even matches my own bedding.

Today after church.

Taking off the Smurf hat!

Well, the surgeons left all the ponies in - ugh!
Luckily, they left all her hair, too!

Top incision.

Right side incision.

Left side incision, excising the MRSA wound and bringing clean edges together, plus a little extra cut from the coronal incision toward the back of her head to reach the posterior end of the distractor.

Despite what it looks like, I am not pregnant!
I guess it's really time to get in shape.

29 pony tails in all!

Let's go wash that hair, Baby!
I would have posted the after, but like I said, she fell asleep!


Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

Love the new purple cribset! It would match my bedroom, too.

The Redhead said...

All the ponies were so cute :) Though I'm sure she was glad to have mommy take them out and clean her up!