Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Surgery Time Again

We're all up here in the Bay Area so that Apple can have the hardware removed from her skull. The big wound is where she's had the MRSA and the other two smaller wounds is where the skin wore out over the distractors, which have sharp edges as I can now see. I have some very bad feelings about the care my daughters have received, but I've been consulting with the top surgeon in the field and I'm taking his advice. My baby and I both had a priesthood blessing at church last Sunday and my baby was also anointed with consecrated oil. I've done all I can physically and spiritually and tomorrow I'll put her in God's hands.

Here are pictures that I took tonight... All the hardware you see should be UNDER the skin!


Renate said...

Hope all goes well.

Just the 6 of us! said...

My son has had foot surgeries for his arthrogryposis. I hate when I can see the metal pins in his feet. His stick out on purpose. :(. It never gets any easier. :(. I hope and pray it will go well. She is a lovely, darling baby.

The Redhead said...

Poor baby girl!