Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Zoo Event

Last Friday was a special event at the zoo for children with special needs and their families and it was completely free. There was a chance to feed some of the animals and see behind-the-scenes and we even got to pet the giraffes because I noticed the bull happened to get very, very close and when I asked, the keeper said he did like being pet on his jaw and said we can get back in line and feed the giraffes again and pet the bull. Well, he must have humongous lungs, because my hair got blown all over the place just on his exhalation through his nostrils. Yes, he did have a bit of bad breath, but I've smelled worse on dogs. Of course, he drooled. With that 18 inch long tongue hanging out, who wouldn't?

Butter Cup (#20 or so) was very, very cute. The zoo gets a calf for half a year or so from a local dairy and when it gets too big, they switch it for another smaller one.

Apple LOVED the petting zoo. She had no fear and was careful and gentle with all the animals. Later, I'll post a cute video of her following a little goat around. For now, here are the pictures...

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Catherine said...

Zoo time is such fun! We're excited to be going to the zoo with Hannah's class next week!