Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Family Day - 2 Years!

Sissy has been home two years now. She's doing very well. She has a strong desire to learn and help out, her reading ability and vocabulary are growing, her social skills are good, she's learned to swim and so much more! Most of all, she's learned to love and be loved. I am so proud of her and the fine young woman she is becoming!

We celebrated her Family Day with Chinese food, of course, donuts with colorful sprinkles and a family DVD night.


Lynnea Hameloth said...

This makes me smile.....I have been thinking about you lately.
Great picture too.

Candis said...

What a difference 2 years and a loving family can make in a child's life. I remember reading about when you were in China to get her. What a difference now!! Thank you for sharing your life on your blog. I enjoy reading what you have to say and I learn a lot from your experiences.

Jenny said...

It is wonderful to read all the positive things that are happening. I think about you and your precious family often. Happy Family Day to Sissy!! (It is hard to believe it is two years already!)