Saturday, August 30, 2014

Summer Fun

The girls participated in a week long sports camp.
Music, devotional and tumbling in the morning.
More music & devotional in the afternoon, then swimming.
It was particularly amazing watching Jie Jie doing cartwheels and headstands since, 3 years ago, she could barely walk half a block.

A very happy toddler!

I rescued three kittens living in 108 degree weather at a hardware store garden department.

They were filthy and flea-ridden!

And starved!

Now they are healthy, happy, and growing and need permanent homes!

Our friends have a semi-indoor pool, chickens, rabbits and a llama. We fed the llama grapes right off the vine, and we ate some, too, then, Blossom, city slicker that she is, left the paddock gate open and the llama escaped and led us on a merry chase until we caught it.

We swim, of course, and Sissy can now dive!
It's hard to get the older girls to stay still for pictures anymore.
Apple can't escape the camera, though!

Just because she can't escape the camera,
doesn't mean she'll smile for it! Her hair is growing!

A huge branch fell off a tree and the inside turned out to be hollow and full of a huge honey bee hive.

I didn't want to get too close, but wanted to show perspective as to size. It was the first time the girls have seen a bee hive, so we called is science for the day.


Kim said...

Hey stranger! It looks like a lot has changed since I visited last. I do all my post/updates on Facebook. Are you on there? If so, friend me

Bye! - Kim (and Natalie)

Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

*dirty* kitties! Yikes! They cleaned up nicely, though. Cute. I wish I could talk P into a kitten.

Are you going to make use of that honey and beeswax?