Monday, September 22, 2014

A Good Question

A commenter asked: "What happens if all these firefighters are in the woods, what happens if there is a fire in town? Do they have additional firefighters?

Yes, they have additional firefighters. Sometimes the station is left empty, though it's rare or for a short period of time, and another station covers the area, but usually, they call people up from off duty. In this case, my firefighter and all the men on his strike team were called in from off duty so the station staff didn't change. If the men on duty at the station are sent out, as happened on the last fire since the regular engine was needed, versus the brush rig that the men took to this fire, then the regular station staff go and more staff are called in to replace them, but for that time, the station area is covered by another station.

For example, I was out doing yard work when I saw the engine leave the station across the street. After awhile, I saw cars, each with one man, pulling into the station gate and realized it'd been a good hour and the engine hadn't returned. After the fourth car pulled in, I knew they'd restaffed the station. They will use a substitute engine or the OES rig that's based there. When I came inside after doing my yard work, I was able to see that my firefighter had been mobilized.

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