Wednesday, September 10, 2014

All the Wild Bunch

Yesterday, we took our first real bike ride, where we actually took the bikes in the truck to a bike trail and cruised through town. The girls did very well. We've been going around the neighbor several times a week as our PE for school and were ready for something longer. We went about 6 miles total, with a rest, drink and snack at a park halfway through. Blossom and Jie Jie both took spills, but a band aid on one and a dusting off of the other was all the first aid needed. I pulled the trailer with our supplies, which included a cooler with our drinks and snack, first aid kit, pump (which we did use when Jie Jie's front tire picked up a goat head sticker) and a spare diaper for Apple) on the first half and switched bikes with my Firefighter for the second half. Jie Jie and her bike ended up in the trailer for the last bit of both halves when her little legs couldn't pedal her little bike any further. As the weather turns to fall and cools down, we'll be doing this as often as we can. We all had a great time!


Catherine said...

What fun family time !!

Anonymous said...

So happy to see that the relationship with your Firefighter seems to be blossoming. How wonderful to find someone who shares your love for these very special girls!