Sunday, September 28, 2014

King Fire Demobilization

These images are of the King Fire probably taken Sept. 17th or 18th.

My Firefighter returned home yesterday late afternoon. It was raining torrentially on his last day and accommodations were full in the camp. Flu had hit 1000 personnel, so they were more than happy to find alternate accommodations even though it turned out to be a warehouse room in a school, similar to a gymnasium, but not as nice. Apparently, 1,000 personnel came down with flu at the camp, but it sounds more like food poisoning to me since it only lasted 24 hours and was described as "coming out both ends" rather than chills, aches and fever.

Despite Apple's face, she adores My Firefighter, and has him wrapped around her little finger. She's just hates the flash on the camera so she wasn't thrilled taking pictures, especially with the camera on the timer to get us all.

I've been working on my house all this last week and got another room arranged so that was a nice surprise. Now, instead of sitting at the kitchen table, the far end of the dining room is now a family room with a sofa. It's close enough to kitchen that we can still talk, but one can now visit comfortably while I'm busy in the kitchen. My Firefighter sat and read to the girls and I pottered around getting dinner thinking how cute it all was.

The cuteness ended partway through dinner when My Firefighter fell ill. He left and got home just in time to vomit. It wasn't my food, but either exhaustion and the result of a week of terrible food, often cold meat sandwiches a day or two old, or a touch of the food poisoning "flu" going around. He's better today, thankfully, but we'd been looking forward to seeing each other and it was cut short. The worst part for him was worrying that he'd brought illness into the house and that the girls would get sick. I'd pretty much figured it was food poisoning so I wasn't worried about the girls, but about him.

From Air Attack 17: Looking east across the northern zone of the King Fire on Sept. 26 at 08:30am. Image courtesy Todd White


Julie said...

Happy to hear that your firefighter is home safe. You make a lovely family!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

If you feel comfortable, could you please share how you went about introducing your children to your firefighter. And the process of blending your relationship with him and your children.

It can be so difficult as a single adoptive mom to special needs children. Longing to have adult companionship and someone to share the ups and down of parenting with, but unsure how it will affect the children.

I have adoptive children ranging from preschool to teen all with different challenges and needs. I worry about them experiencing another parent loss if my relationship doesn't work out. I worry about adjustment issues and regression. I worry that this life I've chosen will be too much for him and he will runaway and leave multiple broken hearts.

I don't currently have a relationship because I'm clueless as how to make sure he'd fit with my family without my family getting close to him. He wouldn't know what its like unless he spent time with us but if he's with us some of the children will become attached to some degree, and then what if he runs.

Almond Tea said...

Blossom still fits in that same outfit 2 years home. Petite! Everyone looks beautiful, K. Handsome Fireman, too! You look wonderful all together