Thursday, October 9, 2014

County Fair

Our fire department has a program to take families with children with special needs or extraordinary circumstances to the state fair and my family was one that got to go this year, thanks to My Firefighter. We were escorted by several firefighters in uniform, and some of their family members, so that each child and the parent(s) could do whatever they wanted/could. In my case, I had someone manning the stroller while I took the girls on rides and when Blossom was too scared to go on some of the rides, she could go play a game nearby with her escort. Apple rode a carousel for the first time and Jie Jie rode the big rides for the first time. We had a TON of fun!

Our entire group!

Apple rode a pony for the second time, but didn't cry like she did the first time. She must have remembered and figured she'd be fine.

Sissy loves riding!

Learn to milk a pretend cow.

This little piggy...

...was bristly!

Smiling with full mouths.

Definitely yummy!

At 10 yrs. 8 mon. old, Jie Jie is FINALLY
tall enough to ride some of the big rides!
She LOVED them!!!

Apple thought the carousel was great...

Then I got up on her horse with her and by the end of the ride she was doing better. Now that she's done it once, she'll love it the next time.

Let the games begin!

We have a winner!

Cute fluffy prizes, and some live goldfish I refused to take home seeing as how we have 8 cats who would definitely eat them.

One of our escorts who danced with Blossom. It was very cute.


Jennie said...

What a fun time at the Fair. Great pictures. Their smiles say it all.

PS: Blossom looks beautiful with her short and tidy haircut!

Julie said...

Great photos, I almost feel as though I was there! Looks like a fun time was had by all.