Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014

We started the festivities early with dinner at our favorite buffet restaurant. Kids in costumes ate for free! Then, we hit the streets trick 'o treating. The big girls are pros now and Apple got it down right away. She carried her bag of candy all by herself the entire night! We had a fairy (Blossom), a kung fu fighter (Sissy), a firegirl (Jie Jie), and Raggedy Ann (Apple). Yes, I did wear the banana costume for the picture.

Apple's first loot! She like Kitkats and lollipops.

Our church had a Halloween party the Wednesday before Halloween and we'd kept Jie Jie's costume a secret from My Fireman. He knew she was going to be a firegirl, but he didn't know that a few days before, we'd found a perfect costume at a thrift shop. He was on duty so we went to the station to show all the girls off and right as we got to the door of the engine bay to take pictures, a call came in and all the guys had to suit up and roll out. So, if you look carefully, you'll see firefighters in the background getting ready and My Firefighter's hands are blurry in this first picture because he's suiting up. Then off they went.

At the party, Apple got her first lollipop. She loved it! You can see the drool all down her dress.

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