Thursday, January 22, 2015

Commission Me

I really feel for the commenter who would like 18" boy dolls for her sons to play with so they can play with some of their girl friends. I'm surprised American Girls Dolls hasn't added at least one or two boys to their line.

If anyone is interested in commissioning me to make doll clothes for them, please email me and I'd be happy to discuss it. My skill is realism vs. costume items, though, and I need to have the same kind of doll so I can make sure to get a good fit. I'm not cheap, but I'm not expensive either. Costumes are too time-consuming and require specialty fabrics, but if you need some Ken doll pants and a shirt, I'm up for that, or if your child's Barbie baby is woefully naked, I can take care of that for you. I'd accept Paypal payments only and it'd be the same as eBay, pay first, then I'll ship. I'm definitely up to making some modest Barbie clothes, too. I'd prefer my daughter's dolls to be dressed in something I'd wear or that they'd wear. They like that, too, since they like to play "real family." The shirts on these 18" dolls are more styled. I can easily do pretty t-shirts, which I think little girls would prefer.

Here are some pictures of other doll clothes I've made:


Maureen said...

I would appreciate anything you could do to help. The lack of "American Girl" boy things is really becoming a large soap box of mine. We expect boys to grow into men that help out in the household, to nurture (either through fatherhood, or mentoring) others, yet we don't give them a place to roll play it. I have found it is more okay for a girl to build rockets, play ice hockey, wear 'boy' clothes, than a boy to explore things that are culturally deemed 'female'. (My mother became a chemical engineer before it was accepted women could do such things. She will tell you how her dad gave her Barbie's 'boy' haircuts so her brothers (all 4 also became chemical engineers) had the 'boy Barbies' they wanted as Ken was not nearly as available then). I digress. Currently, each boy has 2 set of pajamas (preemie is the exact right size), 1 pair of knit pants each (preemie size again) and a couple of 't-shirts' (if you cut off the bottom of a newborn onsie, finish the bottom, dye it to color a choice, then apply a temporary tattoo, then seal tattoo with 'no sew' glue, it makes a decent looking 'silk screen' type shirt. However anything with collars is above my ability. And I've been trying to willfully ignore the fact that they have no underpants. With less than no idea of how to acquire some. A collared shirt, and some 'nice' pants, and underpants, would be so awesome. I can't figure out how to email you. The account I use the most is

gps said... has nice dolls, good prices. Also a SN mom.