Saturday, January 17, 2015

Conversation with a 16 year-old

Sissy still won't put the "d" at the end of food. It's an issue of laziness. This is at the dinner table last night...

Me: What is foo?

Food, she says.

Me: No, it's not. Food is food. Why won't you say food?

Because I want to be fast.

Me: It's just as fast to put the "d" on the end. Do we really need to have this conversation again?


Me: So, from now on you'll say food?



Lynnea Hameloth said...

I wish I could come over for supper and ask her what "Foo" is. Sometimes coming from an "outsider" brings more change then coming from mom.

Anonymous said...

I agree Lynnea! Sissy needs some same age English speaking friends. Her language would tighten up quickly. Other 16 year old girls would be a good influence in this case.

km said...

Hi there! Long time lurker. I'm sure you're aware, but may I reiterate that this is a pretty typical Chinese accent. Very few of my Chinese relatives say the end of words... hard ending consonants just doesn't exist in the language. Even my cousin who moved here at age 11 and is perfectly well adjusted, and with majority English speaking friends, still has a strong accent and grammar issues. They're perfectly understandable though inaccurate.

My Chinese, on the same token, still suffers from grammar and accent issues, despite a solid year dedicated to immersive learning.

Edit: Having said this, if you only used this as an illustration of the learning difficulties, like you mention in the later post about APD, then feel free to disregard some of this.

Good luck. Virtual hugs for your struggles. I'm glad that your girls have someone like you on their team.