Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New Avenues to Pursue

So, what are families with children like mine doing now that their kids are 18 and older? I am researching and networking and finding out. There is HOPE! It's in the form of Job Corps. I've just glanced at their website, but it looks to be exactly what we need.


Lynnea Hameloth said...

Send me the link please :)

Anonymous said...

Be careful with Job Corps. Do your research. I know of 2 people who sent their children there and they were introduced to drugs. An instructor told one of the families that some young people are given a choice of jail or Job Corps when they get into trouble, and, of course, they are choosing Job Corps over jail. So not always the best influences there.

Cayte said...

My blogging friend Claudia Fletcher has had great success with her kids in Job Corps -- older kids, adopted with pretty significant SN. She's at

Cindy of has had a ton of her 39 (!!) adopted-as-teens, from overseas, with lots of SN kids THRIVE in Job Corps.

Ditto for Adrienne of the No Points for Style -- her bioson with SN really thrived there.

None of their kids (Claudia & Cindy each had 4-5 kids go through the program) had anything but TERRIFIC, life-changing and decidedly non-drug-related experiences!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that some have success with Job Corps, but this news story is more evidence of why I say "do your research". Not all centers are the same. Some of them are riddled with violence and drugs.

amom2three said...

Job Corps is awful I did it from 18 until 20 and it was not good I learned so much bad things. I learned about beer and alcohol here I had my first cigarette in job corps....I would NEVER send any if my 4 children to thus place. it looks good from outside but horrible in inside-nothing like ME!