Thursday, February 5, 2015

Locked Out!

After speech, I sent the girls to the car while I had a quick moment with the speech pathologist privately. Seconds later Sissy runs in to let me know that Blossom locked the keys in the car. The remote opener. How does one open the car, get in, lock the car and get back out with a remote?

It was my lucky day as My Firefighter was able to get into my house and get my spare key and drive it across town to us.

He then took us to lunch at a burger place, a better one, and that hamburger sat like a brick in my stomach all day. A couple hours later I started getting spells of dizziness if I stood too fast and at 7:45pm was checking out at the local warehouse grocery store when my hamburger decided it reappear. I said a quick, "Hurry please, I'm going to be sick," but it was too late and I ran for the restroom as fast as I could, ringing in my ears, light-headed, two kids left with the cart. I know this is gross, but I barely made it and it was flying out my mouth and my nose. IT WAS AWFUL! But I was so relieved to be rid of it!

I managed to pick my girls up at their church activity (I had the two youngest with me) and got us home safely. They managed to get some oatmeal and get to bed and I curled up on the floor in front of the space heater shaking. It was just like when I was up at Yosemite with food poisoning in Oct.

Anyway, I am managing to keep down a little water and clear juice and my stomach is making encouraging, though tiny, gurgles.

I think I can try and sleep somewhere other than the bathroom floor now.


Anonymous said...

I hope you get well soon!

amom2three said...

Bet you don't want to ever eat at that burger place ever again!

Earl Mark said...

What a crazy story! I cannot believe you got locked out of your car. I am so glad to hear he was able to get your keys and take you out. But it is a shame that that made you sick! I am glad you are starting to feel better; I really hope this does not happen again to you!