Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Our Homeschool Day

My girls begin each school day by rolling 15 letter dice once and making as many words as they can with the letters that come up. Since they've been doing it for so long, the words have to be at least 4 letters long. Then they write sentences using those words.

Today was heavy on grammar. We are using two different first grade grammar workbooks and the IXL grammar program online. Today we only did workbooks. Tomorrow, they will work online, repeating there what they learned today. The subject was action words/action verbs and capitalizing titles and names. It was the second lesson on these subjects.

We did reading today! It went well. Each girl read aloud to me and and I'm using new methods to keep the flow going. I'm focusing more on flow and continuation, even if it means giving her word away before too much time trying to sound it out passes. This way we cover more pages in less time and the experience is more positive. We are trying a sort of Five in a Row approach in that they must read the same book each day this week. My hope is that they will memorize/learn the words they missed at the beginning of the week. If not, I'll try something else.

Today, they got their chores done after lunch, then rode their bikes for PE. They still do PT every morning, too.

After dinner, they did math online. Blossom got her first gold certificates, which she earned by passing a subject with a 90% or higher!

I learned a cool new way to multiply double digits using a grid/diagonal addition method. It was the first time I'd seen it, but the computer program explained it and I was able to teach it to Sissy, who got it right away.

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