Monday, February 23, 2015

Sewing Project #2: Lazy Pants

The girls began this class at our local fabric store with an elderly, mostly deaf, teacher who was more inclined to do the work for them rather than teach them. It was a four hour class, spread out over two days. Had we done it the teacher's way, they'd have finished a rotten pair of pants in about an hour without learning a thing. I asked my girls if they wanted to learn to sew well and, if so, to follow my instructions. They did and they got a nice little pair of jammie pants that have an elastic waistband, seams finished with a zigzag on the raw edges, proper hems, and they did it themselves almost completely. We used Simplicity Pattern #2290 and they are generously full. We'll make another pair and make them 2" narrower since my girls are pretty thin.

The other student in the class went home with something pathetic and without the knowledge of how to make them again. I can see why the three other students never showed up - they obviously knew to wait for the next session that would be taught by the younger gal.

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Sara said...

Those are adorable pants - keep up the good work!