Monday, March 2, 2015

Beware of Your Vacuum!

Mine tried to eat me today. I have a new one and the price was right - free. It's a Kirby with 90% power assist drive with an automatic clutch. Yep, I'm not talking about a car but a vacuum. A very powerful vacuum.

I'm used to my Dyson, which I love, but with my new high pile carpet, the Kirby is better and easier. I only forgot one important thing: The beater brush on the Kirby keeps rolling unless you remove the belt. The roller on the Dyson stops when the handle is in the upright position.

So, I got down of the floor to smell the carpet to check for a cat no-no, and before I realized it, the Kirby grabbed the ends of my hair and shot toward me and bonked me in the head with half my hair wound up around the beater brush and drive shaft. Big ouch!

I didn't panic, but fumbled for the off switch. I did fumble because it was new and I'm just getting to know it. Then I rested a moment, took some deep breaths, figured out how bad bad was. I asked the girls to bring me the phone and I called - yep, you guessed it, My Firefighter, who wasn't conveniently across the street on duty, but was 6 miles away at home.

He came. And, just by lucky chance, he'd watched and helped me change the belt in the Kirby just a few days ago so he knew the anatomy of it well. He had a plan all figured out by the time he arrived and it didn't involve scissors. He even asked nicely if I wanted him to take a picture. I declined.

However, he freed me with great care and skill. Brushing hurt my bruised scalp, but so much of my hair had been pulled all the way out, broken or fried, that detangling wasn't as bad as I feared it would be, the tangles just came right off or clumps of hair did. There are a few small bald patches hidden on my scalp that might show up more when the hair starts to grow back in and sticks up, but I don't think anyone can see any damage right now. Then, My Firefighter gave me a nice trim to even it all up and make it look nice again.

I still love my Kirby and had even been sending up a heartfelt prayer of thanks for it moments before it tried to eat me. I just need to remember to feed it very carefully in the future!


skm said...

I have a Kirby too but watch out, it will even suck up the cat if it gets too close! (just kidding of course!)

Lynnea Hameloth said...

Oh man....that is too funny. I want a picture!!! :) So thankful you have "911" handy!! I remember my sister getting her hair caught in a grinder years ago when we helped out on the farm. We could hear her screaming from across the road. It isn't fun. Glad you didn't have to chop off your hair! :)
Way to go Firefighter! :)

Julie said...


Mari said...

The exact same thing happened to me when I was a teen with long hair. I got the vacuum turned off and was crying, "Don't cut my hair off!" over and over until someone rescued me. I was lucky, it all unrolled right out.

Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

Yikes! I gave my vacuum a haircut recently, but fortunately, it was all hair from the FLOOR!