Sunday, April 19, 2015

Feeding Time

Time to wake up! The secret to calm, content hand-raised kittens is to never let them get too hungry. If they are crying for their food, you waited too long and they'll feel frantic. I've seen many cats raise kittens and the best moms never let their babies cry.

You can tell the weather by a pile of kittens. The colder it is, the tighter they pile on each other and curl up, the warmer, the more laid out they are.

A nice lapful of content babies! This is my view...

They accept me as their mother now and love piling on my lap. They suck and nuzzle my fingers while waiting their turn for the bottle. When I pet them, it comforts them. When I first got them, they'd root around after being fed looking for their mother to snuggle up to and cry and take a long time to fall asleep. It was sad to watch.

Ah, in the milk zone!


Annie said...

Oh my gosh!!!! They are so cute!! Good for you, Momma!!!

Jennie said...

Love the kitten photos - and their furry "toy" for snuggles.