Wednesday, May 13, 2015


The two older girls participated in a church luau fundraising event to help with the cost of Girls' Camp. Sissy will be going, Blossom will not, but all the girls help and support each other. Sissy sold tickets to the neighbors and both girls served the audience and performed a hula dance. It was a great experience for them!


Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

Looks like fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Totally off topic, but this was sent by a friend and I immediately thought of you, any thoughts?

"Hi everyone. I need some help or advice. Peanut, my cat is STILL very sick, actually since they changed her meds the 2nd time we changed them. She id on IV fluids once a day. She was on amoxicillin and Cimetidine 60mg 2x a day. (Anti-nausa). She was still throwing up when she drank too much water. NOW she is in Sucralfate 500mg 2x a day, for diarrhea (which is now all blood) and Metronidazole Benz 100mg in place of the amoxicillin. She totally foams at the mouth when I give it to her. She has long shoe string slobber after i give it to her. She is no longer eating. She just sits on me with a big sigh once in a while. I know this may seem extreme, but I don't care if anyone can help. Her doctor is out until tomorrow, but the truth is, we are BROKE right now. We cannot keep dropping $400-$500 a visit. If I had the money I would do it, no problem, but we don't right now. Im wondering if all the slobbering might be an allergic recation? The only problem we have discovered is she has an inflamed liver, but the doctor seems to think its because she is not eating. She has no mor fat for reserves. She is probably under 5 pounds. Please give me your thoughts!

Sara, mom to 4 from China

K said...

Whatever the reason for the rapid weight loss, your cats now does have fatty liver disease from metabolizing the fat so rapidly. The antibiotics have also probably knocked out her natural intestinal bacteria that aides in digestion.

First, you must hydrate your cat with Ringer's lactate and an IV needle. It's called subcutaneous fluids and is critical. Then, you must get your cat to eat! Do anything you can. I fed mine with a tiny padded baby spoon. You can start with plain electrolyte water with a little extra sugar for energy and raw egg yolk, half and half, just a teaspoon every half hour. For now, I'd even say no more meds. Any infection she had is long gone, unless its something that needs Azithromycin, but without nutrition, treating an infection isn't going to do your cat any good. Cats easily get anorexic and that is the state your cat is in. She may react favorable to an appetite stimulant once she's hydrated, but if you do that too soon, it won't do any good because she'll over eat and vomit. She also needs a probiotic.

You are in a familiar vicious circle and you need to break in.

When a cat is dehydrate, their gut shuts down. When they've had too rapid a weight loss, their liven shuts down. When they've been overly medicated with antibiotics, their digestive system takes yet another huge hit. Electrolyte water, probiotic (feline) and raw egg yolk, only 1 tsp. per half hour. If she vomits, go to 1/2 tsp. per half hour. Be sure to remove all the egg white, only use the yolk.

When your cat has tolerated this for 3 hours or so, increase the amount by 1/2 tsp. every hour. Do it through the night. After about 6 hours, if your cat is still tolerating it, add about 1/4 tsp. of a grain-free wet cat food such as Fancy Feast Salmon. This is NOT a complete nutritional cat food since it lack enough calcium, but it's a food that will be easy to digest and smells very appetizing to a cat, usually. Then, just keep increasing the amounts of food as you cat can tolerate it. Right now, your cat is dying of malnutrition and dehydration.

I hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to answer,I passed the information off to her. She got quite a few responses and of course hoping there might be some good news.


Jennie said...

Sissy and Blossom look lovely! Their smiles say it all.

Anonymous said...


When giving cats pills, I recommend ALWAYS putting them in an empty gelcap first. You can get these at supplement stores and online. #3 size is generally best, and usually only available online (but in a pinch, you can buy some cheap herbal supplement that comes in this size gelcap and empty them out). You may need to cut pills into smaller pieces to get them in a gelcap that's not too big for the cat, but it's worth it! Then dip the gelcap in some yummy wet food or meat baby food right before giving it. That way the only thing the cat tastes is yummy food, and the pill is slippery and goes down to the stomach instead of getting stuck. I guarantee that the foaming at the mouth is due to tasting the awful pill, which is likely stuck high in the cat's esophagus.

Also, I second everything that K wrote, except the part about sugar. Cats are not well-equipped to digest many kinds of sugar, including table sugar -- it can actually make them throw up, and they can't taste it, so they don't learn to avoid it. Definitely don't give the cat anything with even a tiny amount of grain in it.

amom2three said...

I think your girls all of them are so beautiful!! I know I may have say mean things in beginning of you bringing them all home.... and oh boy do I eat my words LOL you have very beautiful smart daughters. keep up good work mama.Your an awesome Mama! hugs to you K!

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for the information. Her vet had already equipped her with the iv fluids and training. Also, since then, her cat now has a good appetite! Amazing. I'm sure she's not out of the woods, but I'm happy for such progress.

Thanks again,