Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Update on New Approach

They are really putting me through the ringer. Sissy's attempts to disrupt the household didn't last very long, thankfully, but now Jie Jie is having a go at it and she's pulled out her big guns.

Last night, I hired a babysitter, put the two middle kids to bed, then took the oldest and youngest out to dinner and a movie. The movies cost $5 all over town on Tuesdays. Jie Jie lost her computer privileges yesterday because I caught her on a random movie website instead of her math site. Upon further investigation, she's been doing it regularly.

Her computer is in the family room, our most open and used room, but our house is huge and she can hear where I am and switch windows when she hears me approach. Yesterday, she didn't realize where I was and I caught her mid-switch, hence, missing the evening's entertainment.

This morning, she lied 4 times about the same thing, which made us 15 minutes late to speech as I hunted for what I needed, something she had in the car the entire time, but was hiding.

What is happening in my home with my girls isn't a result of my parenting. It is the result of what their lives were long BEFORE I ever adopted them. The thing is, will my parenting break them out of it?

UPDATE: Tonight Jie Jie finally broke down after a HUGE incident and we are at the root of her issues!!! It's not going to lead to a magic cure, but at least she was finally able to verbalize what's going on inside herself and we can begin to address the issues in a positive way. A lot of what she needs are coping skills and work with her self-image where her special need is concerned, but there's a lot more, too, that I can help her through.

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Jennie said...

Not sure if you are familiar with Lisa's blog:

The latest on Jasmine and her coping mechanism (or lack thereof) may provide additional insights.