Saturday, August 8, 2015

Ranch for Kids in Montana

The Ranch for Kids is in Montana and has helped hundreds of children and their families remain together and have successful relationships. They are licensed in the State of Montana.


Kate Fowler said...

The Ranch for Kids is an unlicensed facility that doesn't meet fire code and has ZERO on-site, state-licensed healthcare professional. Yet adoptive parents pay big bucks to exile their allegedly severely mentally ill kids there -- where they CANNOT get treatment.

It's a step on the rehoming pipeline.

If you sent a kid for with s broken leg for treatment by ANYONE but a doctor, it'd be child neglect.

Exiling a mentally ill kid to a doctor-less facility is equally neglectful.

K said...

The Ranch is a state licensed facility and the children I know of who have gone there have all returned to their homes.

Kate Fowler said...

The Ranch for Kids obtained their licensure from the state of Montana exactly one month ago:

It was unlicensed and not up to fire code for years prior to that:

It's good to hear that kids who went there eventually returned to their families. Too many other kids were denied that happy ending:

Anonymous said...

Oh my I have known bad things on this place as well.Good luck.