Friday, August 21, 2015

Recreation and Leisure Class?

The meeting I was supposed to have with the special ed. department this afternoon has been rescheduled for tomorrow morning. Just in time since today I found out she watched Night at the Museum 2 DURING SCHOOL HOURS in a class called Recreation and Leisure. Come on, it's the 4th day of class and their watching recreational movies? Whoever conceived of such a class? What in the world is happening to public education in America?

Honestly! I work myself nearly to death every single day to educate my girls and I send them to school and the teachers put on non-educational movies? Couldn't it at least have been The Miracle Worker or something similar? Something real, inspiring or education?

I don't want free babysitting. I want my child to learn and develop to her potential.


Melissa said...

I would be livid! That is NOT acceptable. I am actually shocked because the special education programs in our school system is quite rigorous, with qualified educators helping the children to reach their full potential. Good luck at the meeting.

Anonymous said...

And of course, this special ed program is staffed with certified special ed teachers, who get paid more than regular teachers. They won't get paid any more if Blossom learns, than if she doesn't, so why not take the easy route and just park the kids in front of TV screens? And God forbid she should learn enough to get moved into a regular classroom -- fewer special ed students means fewer extra-pay jobs available for certified special ed teachers. Certainly there are a lot of good special ed teachers out there, but no thanks to the "system", which is tailor-made for people who want more pay for less work.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 1 above - Where are special ed teachers are paid more? Is that true in California? Two years ago, I know for sure that they were paid the same as other teachers and I don't believe that's changed. My family members who are special ed teachers do not get extra pay.

You must have had some bad experiences to be so negative and hostile toward special ed teachers.

Anonymous said...

I am a California teacher, and I know for a fact that special ed teachers are on the same salary schedule as all of the rest of the classroom teachers. Further, the fact is that special ed students cost school districts a lot of money, and there is great incentive to have them make enough progress so that they can be moved into mainstream classrooms.

As far as the movie, I'm wondering if the purpose of showing the movie was to give the kids a common experience, as a basis of interaction and discussion. You have mentioned how she does not know how to interact with peers. Movies are central to the "kid culture" in her age group. Developing the skills to view a movie with peers and talk about it could be pretty important in relating to peers.

Anonymous said...

I teach only within special education in Canada and under no circumstances would I be allowed to play a movie for my students. Yes we can show a small educational clip such a Bill Nye the Science Guy etc but that is all and we have to catalog it all into a mainframe on the computer and send it to the board for review. If we are found to be in violation of the rules, there are consequences!

Students are there to learn and be taught life skills which they need for everyday living. Shame on this school system for allowing this to happen!