Wednesday, August 19, 2015

School Days

Well, tomorrow is Day 4 of public school special education. Blossom seems to like it, but so far, she's done nothing but play and "baby work." Apparently, her IEP from last year was VERY incomplete, so we have a meeting tomorrow to see just what should be done with her. Honestly, the two papers she's brought home so far are so babyish that I can't believe that's all they had for her.
At home, she's been subtracting two digit numbers with borrowing (regrouping) and today's paper from the school had three problems. The first problem had two pictures, one of two blocks and one of one block. There was a blank square after each picture. The instructions were to count the blocks, circle the picture that had more blocks and write how many blocks there were in the blank squares. The other two problems were the same, but different pictures.

Today, I sent her with some of her homeschooling workbooks and instructions for the teachers. She only did one page when I sent three workbooks.

So, the goal for tomorrow's meeting is to arrange a schedule for Blossom that will keep moving her along academically, teach her the life-skills she'll need, and get the door-to-door bus arranged.

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Sara T. said...

If Apple is 3, you might also look into the public school's offering of free speech therapy for preschoolers - it's required by law and was wonderful. Free door to door transportation if needed -You seatbelt them in, the teacher seatbelts them out (and vice versa). Very skilled therapists 2x per week - and I also kept the weekly therapy session offered by our health insurance. Although I ultimately chose private school for my children after that - I loved preschool speech.