Friday, September 11, 2015

Blossom's Family Day Anniversary - 3 Years!

It's hard to believe it, but it's been 3 years since Blossom's been home. She was tiny when she came, nearly 12 and wearing size 8. She's still fitting into size 10 because she's small-boned, but height-wise, she needs a 12 or 14 which is tough because they are so wide, even the 12 slims.

Today was the end of a long, but good, week, as far as things go for us. Things got a little tense as I spent many, many hours trying to sort out the girls' laptops and they had some periods of waiting that led to boredom, but we got through it. They did some damage to them with their random, ignorant clicking around. They've been banned from them for over a month but we really need them for school.

Blossom's behavior has been very good since I pulled her out of public school, but she had a big meltdown today. I'm not surprised. It was her first one in over a month. I'm sure it isn't a coincidence that it's on her Family Day, happy when we look at it from where we are now, but very traumatic for her when she first came to me. Her voice is hoarse from the screaming she did, but I'm glad she was able to get it out. She was on the verge yesterday, but I was able to bring her out of it before it escalated. I'm getting really good at noticing when she's slipping into PTSD.

She's had a great week of homeschool. We did more academic work in the last 4 days than she did in 10.5 days of public school, plus we had P.E. in the form of a family bike ride, a trip to the coast, playing outside on our big trampoline and working out on the Rebounder. She's learned to find and plot x,y coordinates on a graph with 10 rows. She and Jie Jie have been working on this very hard all week.

We started our new reading program today, Headsprout. I gave the girls the recommended evaluation but as they began at the recommend levels, I realized the evaluation wasn't very accurate so I'm starting them at the VERY beginning so that they can go through the phonics and learning better to recognize letter groups (blends), and sound words out. This program is designed to teach, re-teach, and improve their reading skills. We are also continuing with our second grade level reading comprehension lessons. They get a worksheet to review with questions pertaining to a very short story. Then I read the story. They do as many questions as they can. Over the next three days, each girls takes a turn reading the same story out loud and then they work on the questions again. On day 5, we go over the questions together and they can read the story again by themselves if they need to find or correct any answers.

We are doing a TON of reading aloud this year!

To celebrate Blossom's Family Day, I picked up some authentic Chinese food from a local hole-in-the-wall and it was the best ever! We have enough for left-overs tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Happy Family Day to your beautiful Blossom! Wishing you all a wonderful homeschooling year!

Almond Tea said...

Happy Family Day, Beautiful Blossom!

We pray for you daily and wish you every happiness with your forever family.