Friday, September 25, 2015

Our Homeschool Week

We continued with maps and directions and made a compass. It all looks exciting and successful, but my girls actually absorb very little information. Sissy is good at finding things on a map and understanding what the symbols mean. Blossom isn't getting it much at all, and Jie Jie falls in between. I have Blossom and Jie Jie repeat the same mapping assignments two or three times to see how much they can improve and it's not by much, unfortunately. They get stuck for different reasons. Blossom can't seem to grasp what the map key symbols mean and they both can't grasp the language of the questions. For example, Mapleville lies between what two roads? They won't even write down a road, but another city name or population number. One of the free map worksheets we are using this week can be found on

We worked on reading and reading comprehension. Believe me, they are two very distinct entities in our home. Today, I finally got Blossom and Jie Jie back on their computers for math and I stayed in the room while they did it to make sure they didn't go off on any other websites since I've not gotten around to installing K9 yet. I'm also reigning them in as to the number of problems they can attempt. The program will let them keep working until their percent correct is high, but today for Jie Jie that meant doing over 378 problems - way too time-consuming! The topic was equivalent coins. Now, I've limited them to 100 problems. If their percentages are low, so be it. It's bound to come around again in the next level and they might be more ready for the information then. If not, we can always go back.

It's after lunch now and time for their weekly spelling test. Sissy's spelling is improving even though her composition is not. grammar is still a work in progress. They may get everything correct in their grammar workbooks, but they are unable to use the knowledge in their writing and speaking.

Next week, they begin human anatomy with My Firefighter. So, each week he'll teach them on two days. One day will be geography/civics, etc... and the next day will be science, starting with the human body.


Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

I bet it feels great to have some help with teaching! Having another person who "gets" where they're at must be hugely validating for you. And learning to listen to and work for another person is good for them, too. Sounds like things are on an upswing. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, A fun geography activity is Geocaching . . . google it and you'll find geocaching activities in your area. It'll help to explain the concepts of "location, direction, compass use, etc." to the girls. Here's a link . . .

Good luck!! Doreen