Friday, October 30, 2015

Fair is Fair but It Bites

Before I got a diagnosis for Blossom, it was hard to know what to expect of her. She ranges from 4 yr. old behaviors to about 8 yr. old behaviors. For nearly a year, Blossom was on dish washing duty. It was my attempt for her to learn to properly wash dishes. I finally gave up after many dishes never were thoroughly cleaned and we went through numerous sponges since she'd cut them all, by accident, with the knives she was washing. I gave her multiple lessons and examples, but I finally gave up.

I forgot about the sponges in the last several months that she's been on drying duty.

Yesterday, she forgot to help Sissy with the breakfast dishes. Sissy washes and loads the dishwasher and Blossom dries and puts the rest away. Sissy was definitely doing a lot more chores and Blossom definitely doing a lot fewer, so I told Blossom that she had to do the lunch dishes by herself.

We ate out last night so there weren't any dishes to do.

This morning, I grab the sponge and it's in two pieces only held together by the scrubby side.

It's a small thing, right? Just a sponge. But each one costs money and they add up. Imagine going through 3 sponges a week when your budget is screaming for mercy.

I wish I'd remembered about the sponges.


RamblingMother said...

If she gets an allowance make her pay for the sponges. She may or may not learn but might be worth a try. An 8 year old would understand a loss of income or replacing something. Good luck

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I've got one like that too! I had to get pretty creative in finding enough safe chores for her to do so she couldn't ruin things, and yet got her fair share of the work. She now makes her sisters' beds so they can pick up other chores that she can't/won't do correctly. She is also in charge of loading non-breakables (flatware) into the dishwasher and putting it away when clean. She sets the table with flatware and napkins. She can fold laundry - and if it's not done right, she can refold it until it is right, even if it takes all of her free time to do it. She's perfectly capable of folding it correctly so refolding it is not a punishment, it's an expectation. She can clean up toys in the house as well as outside. Most of her chores involve doing it for all items, hers and her siblings because they are also doing chores for her. I do keep her away from anything involving water or breakables - those are disaster areas for her. Good luck with Blossom. I know how frustrating it can be!

Anonymous said...

How about using a scrub brush for dish washing rather than a sponge? It's much harder to break one of those!