Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015

We went to the Bay Area for Halloween this year, back to our old neighborhood - really to my grandmother's old neighborhood where trick o' treating is more than getting candy, it's a huge party with entertainment. Each participating house goes way out to be spectacular. One had a live band playing instead of passing out candy and they were really good! The decorations and costumes were amazing. One family, obviously in the fish business, had a neat display of fish guts and fish parts that the kids could feel, like a fish eye. Smelly and gross which is just perfect for the Halloween.

We also popped in at our former church ward's party and saw a few friends, had dinner, games and treats there.

Before all the festivities, I was even able to hit IKEA in Palo Alto, meet a colleague who showed me her business set-up and business model and gave me some tips, then I hit a second IKEA to pick up a few things this woman showed me that I could certainly use in my own business.

The previous day, we carved our jack-o-lanterns and everyone did a great job this year - even Blossom. Instead of giving her free design reign and watching her ruin it, I set the parameters (big shapes, straight lines only, and no curves), gave her paper to practice on, then gave her a marker and let her at the pumpkin. When she messed it up, which she ALWAYS does, I cleaned it off, re-did it according to the best of what she'd done, then let her start with the carving tool. Sweet success was hers to enjoy - finally! I'll get the jack-o-lantern pictures up in my next post.

And, yes, we are recycling our costumes, just as my mom did with us as kids! Sissy was happy to be the pumpkin this year and Blossom, the banana. Jie Jie loved being the cat and Apple still fit the lady bug, though she was also Raggedy Ann again earlier in the week for our church party because I just loved her in that costume.


Anonymous said...

Hi this is Emma again. Sissy friend from Zhuhai. I am very glad sissy is doing very well. I been reading the blog about sissy's problem. I think she will hang on to it. she will do great in speak therapy. I will keep praying for your guys:)

-Emma Crooks

Anonymous said...

For all the serious problems you've shared that your girls have, with your help, they're able to dress up and go trick-or-treating looking a perfectly normal and happy group of girls. Give yourself lots and lots of credit! They are all so, so lucky to have been adopted by you.

Sarah Edward said...

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