Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful that I am still functioning and sane. Really. Truly. Not kidding. You cannot imagine what events have unfolded in my life recently.

In my church we are assigned Home Teachers. These are priesthood-holding men who visit once a month to make sure we are doing okay and that our needs are being met and, if not, to let those who can help know that it's needed. My Home Teacher gave me a prayer/poem by Helen Steiner Rice and I read it today at the Thanksgiving table, most grateful that the poem did NOT describe me. It basically mentions how we forget to give thanks to God for the small things and only mention the big things in life. Well, that's not me. I am so very, very, very grateful for the small things in life because those are what have kept me going. Here's a partial list of what I'm thankful for:

Last night, at a restaurant, a special kindness shown to me by B. You know who you are! I thanked God for that last night and again today at our Thanksgiving table when I prayed. And I asked His comforting blessing over you, too.

God's love for me and the ways He's manifested it lately, big and small. So miraculous!

I'm thankful for our regional center case worker whose help is bringing reason and sanity to my existence and who told me that I was trying to do the impossible. I really didn't know it. I'd have died trying.

I'm grateful for Blossom's public school experience because it showed me that I wasn't failing. And bringing Blossom back to homeschool after that experience brought her heart and trust fully to me for the very first time and forever.

I'm thankful for all the strangers I met last Thursday evening at a community holiday event, whose kind and caring words of encouragement, love and support touched my heart and gave me comfort at a moment in time when I most needed it.

I'm thankful for my oldest children who are showing me how strong I am - so much stronger than I ever imagined I could be.

I'm thankful for my littlest girl. I am her everything! Love flows out of her at me immeasurably and I'm drinking in every drop, thankful for such a precious, precious being in my life. When she looks up at me and slips her hand into mine just because she wants to, my heart explodes with love and joy. I love that she freely accepts my love for her without question, without trauma, without doubt.

I'm thankful for my cats, who love me and accept my love in return.

I'm thankful for all the rain we've had lately.

I'm thankful for all the other things I cannot list here right now.

Our brunch this morning, left-over birthday cake and veggies. Blossom saw me serving up the veggies and said, "I thought that was for Thanksgiving." I said, "Well, today IS Thanksgiving, isn't it?" I suppose it was a strange combo, though.

Low-key this year: ham, sweet potato pie, green bean casserole and dessert. This mama wasn't going to spend all day cooking. No way. But I did make the glaze on the ham from scratch and I did peel and cook the yams for the sweet potato pie - in the pressure cooker, all of 4 minutes.

The following dessert is super easy, but I strongly recommend cutting the butter by half. I'd do that next time and slice the butter and distribute it evenly on top. The original page this came from was called (30)Tasty. I'm afraid I'm a Facebook failure and can't figure out how to use it, so here are my own pictures instead of the quick video Tasty had.

2 cans apple pie filling, one box of spice cake mix, 2 cubes of butter and a crockpot

Pour in the apple pie filling.

Pour on the spice cake mix.

Plop the butter on top. (Remember, try it with half the butter, sliced and evenly distributed.)

Set the crockpot on high, cover and cook for 2 to2 1/2 hours.

Next time, I'm going to try this with fresh apples, half the butter, and use some of the spice cake mix to make streusel topping.


Catherine said...

What a wonderful day! Happy Thanksgiving!

Almond Tea said...

Those are called "dump cakes" and are SO GOOD. But I agree with what you wrote, I'd only do 1 stick of butter. Most recipes call for 1, not 2. I make one with cherry pie filling and crushed pineapple with a white cake or yellow cake mix. I love them because the ingredients are shelf stable and so easy to make for a potluck. Everyone loves them too.

Happy Thanksgiving, K (and family)!