Wednesday, November 11, 2015

It's Happening

Apple is growing up. Way too fast. She is adding more and more vocabulary to her speech now, too, the more her muscles get trained to make the sounds. Tonight, she added a new phrase.

Tonight, we all went to an Italian restaurant for their family night special. They had cloth napkins, a first for Apple. As I unfolded it, I told her that it was the napkin and asked her, "Do you know where it goes?"

She said, "Of course!" and pointed to her lap. It was way too super cute! And so totally 4 year-oldish. She might have been sporting a size 12-18m sweater tonight, but she's definitely turning four soon.

I'm treasuring every single moment of this.

Another neat thing happened tonight. Two sisters of Cambodian decent sat next to us and immediately struck up conversation because my girls are Chinese. We were at one really long, long table, family style. Both taught school, one had a 2 yr. old daughter and taught 3-5 grades special education. Anyway, my girls and I always pray and thank the Lord for our food before we eat and when started holding hands, the two sisters and little girl joined right in. When we went to pay the tab, the waiter had to rewrite it because he thought we were all together when we'd really just met when we all sat down! We exchanged contact information and the sister who is the special ed. teacher is eager to send us some touch math materials.


Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

Oh, I've heard really good things about Touch Math! I hope it works well for your girls!

Catherine said...

What a wonderful evening! It's so neat when God places little treasured moments like that in our path!