Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Making the Switch

From This:

To This:

In just one night, I changed my main daycare playroom into a sewing classroom. The next morning, 7 students arrived and my first big class started. It was a success!

This mother-daughter pair didn't tell me it was their very first time sewing until nearly the end of class! Look what they went home with. They are eager to return.

I'm a little sad to have dismantled my beautiful playroom, but it wasn't working out very well. It's a very cold room and there are two doors and a laundry room between there and the kitchen. I put the toys in the exercise/therapy room, which is closer to the kitchen and family room and easier to heat and now I only have to heat the sewing room when I have a sewing class.

I am making the switch from daycare as the means by which I earn a living to re-vitalizing my pattern business, New Conceptions, and teaching sewing classes in order to free up more time to get my daughters to their various therapy appointments and give them more time and attention. The tentative plan is to first focus on the sewing classes. I'll keep the 3 daycare children I currently have, who are all part-time and first focus on filling my sewing classes with after-school children, evening adult classes, and some morning classes. The eventual goal is to be teaching 5-6 hours per day rather than doing daycare 10 hours per day. Once I establish a routine, I'll see if there is time to work on my pattern line. I have a learning curve ahead of me. I need to transfer all my patterns from commercially printed PDF files, to easily tiled and downloadable PDF files and perhaps even update my website. Once that's done, I can finally draft the instructions and publish the patterns I finished several years ago. I am looking forward to this. My creative brain has been dormant far too long and is ready to burst forth and have free reign.


Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

Your play room was adorable!

Glad your first class was a success. I'm not sure my machines would recognize me if I started one up. The last thing I "sewed" was a paid gig putting patches on a girl scout vest before my trip.

Best wishes for smooth transitions from one emphasis to another. You might try contacting local homeschool groups to advertise your morning classes when you get to that point. I have a friend who does art classes. It seems like once you hang out your shingle, the homeschoolers flock to check it out.

Catherine said...

Lots of great changes! Enjoy your classes! You have so much to share and it's wonderful to free up more time for your girls too. A win-win!

Anonymous said...

Great plan of attack to balance everyone's needs. :)

Renate said...

From what I have seen you sew beautifully. I can't sew worth a darn. Well I can't cut a straight line! Wish l could join the class.Best of luck.