Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Family Record

I remember the month I did Jie Jie's first set of serious diagnostic appointments and the total for the month came to 11. We have surpassed that. Even though we aren't all the way to Dec. 24, if I count those appointments, those from Nov. 27 to Dec. 24 will have been at 18 or 19 medical and/or therapy appointments, often when two or more kids are being seen at the same time, and 6 more visits just to sign and/or deliver medically related paperwork or pick up prescriptions. Out of all these days, there were 7 straight-in-a-row business days of appointments - another record for me.

Today alone was Sissy's MRI and she did very well keeping still, then, then on the way to Sissy's speech therapy, we dropped off a medical form for Blossom's care somewhere else. When we finally got home, there was a message from Kaiser saying that they forgot to get my signature on a very important form for Sissy's genetic testing, so we went to yet another Kaiser location while I took care of that!

Tomorrow we drive three hours to Shriner's Hospital where Apple, Jie Jie and Blossom will see various specialists. And then, we'll return there in January to see two more specialists.

On the non-medical side, Apple began asking, "Why?" for the very first time yesterday and hasn't stopped. Moments later, she also expressed her very first wish by saying, "I wish had tree our house," meaning, as we passed a Christmas tree lot, that she wished we had a Christmas tree at home. She's making huge strides of progress right now across the board.

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Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

I feel your pain. Luke had over 100 appointments with doctors, specialists, labs, and therapists his first year home. It was brutal.

How adorable that Apple wants a tree! Are you planning to get one? She can enjoy our tree, lol. Luke's been batting ornaments off of it.