Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Happy Birthday, Apple!

Apple turned 4 today! It's the first birthday she's had that she'll probably remember and the first where she really knew what it was all about and anticipated it with amazing joy. After watching her sisters go through their birthday celebrations this month, she was ready when it came time to plan her party. She wanted pizza and "pupcakes" and that's what she got. She didn't stop smiling from the moment she went to bed last night until she fell asleep tonight. All of her favorite people were there and she reveled in the love we all have for her.

I LOVE this picture of my not-so-little family!

It's been "Movember" so most of the firefighters are sporting a 'stache right now.

She was the most adorable thing I've ever seen while making her wish. She covered her eyes with her hands, concentrated so seriously, then tried to blow out her candles. She got three out on her third or fourth blow but couldn't get the last one and, like last year, singed her bangs a little trying so I had to help her out. No one could smile any bigger or brighter than she did tonight.

After watching and helping her handy mama assemble furniture,
Apple knew exactly what to do and went right for the instructions.

This little girl will make an amazing mommy one day. She can diaper her baby like a pro, always checks the side of the diaper for poo before changing her, makes sure her baby likes her food, and keeps everything nice and clean and organized. When gives her baby a good-night kiss before tucking it in is when my heart melts. Experts say that children are our mirrors, especially when they play. If she's my mirror, I'm doing an excellent job.


Lynnea Hameloth said...

What a SWEET little girl and what a special party!!!!!
Love to you all! <3

Anonymous said...

you are killing me with cuteness!!! her smile is so genuine! great job mama and happy, happy birthday little apple!


Anonymous said...

Yes, Mama, you ARE doing an excellent job! That little babe looks like walking joy! You deserve every minute of her fun times.

a portland granny said...

She is an adorable child!! The medical procedures you have had done on her, have truly changed her life. She will bless you all of her life for loving her enough to sacrifice and help correct her physical problems!