Friday, December 18, 2015

Oh, Christmas Tree

We got our Christmas tree yesterday. It's now an established family tradition, our third year in a row getting our tree at the same place then getting free hot chocolate, fruit and tokens to the shooting gallery. This year they had a little carousel, the kind that used to be outside Woolworth's and is still sometimes seen outside of stores. Apple sat on it with great trepidation for the picture, but wanted nothing to do with it after that, knowing it was going to move and make noise.

Apple has My Firefighter wrapped around her little finger and he loves it!

Our regional center case worker nominated my family to United Way this year for Christmas and a local corporate sponsor "adopted" us and two other families. They came out and interviewed me and asked what we needed or wanted: clothes? food? toys? We didn't need any of those things. I didn't know what their budget was so I gave them a list from small to large and got one of the large items, a WeeHoo bike trailer for Apple. They presented it to us tonight and Apple just LOVED it! She's secure in a seat she can't fall out of, with handles she can actually use, and she can pedal to help or not. The pedals have straps to help keep her feet on and the seat is completely adjustable so she can reach then. I can't wait to try it out!

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Catherine said...

Wonderful traditions! That bike seat for Apple is great!! Merry Christmas!