Thursday, February 18, 2016

January 21, 2016

Waiting to get the new orthotics.

Waiting for the adjustments to be made on the new orthotics.

We took a 3 hours drive to Shriner's Hospital, leaving at 5am. In the morning, we met with Jie Jie's surgeon about her scoliosis. He ordered more imaging scans, which we did and have to pop in the mail tomorrow, then we'll find out what happens next. In between, we visited a friend, then went back to the hospital in the afternoon to pick up SMOs and orthotics for Jie Jie and Blossom. I wasn't disappointed. Shriner's makes GREAT braces!


Catherine said...

I'm glad it all went so well for you and that you accomplished so much in one day!

Jennie said...

So good to receive an update. Little Apple is darling in her red outfit - she's growing so fast.