Thursday, March 10, 2016

February Round-up: Spring at the Zoo & Sweetheart Dance

The African Plain exhibit is open at our zoo now and My Firefighter gave us a year pass for Christmas this year. We have a GREAT zoo here, I love going and relaxing and seeing the animals. The new exhibits are state-of-the-art and further improvements are planned. It was amazing to see the African animals together on a huge expanse of land where they can actually run. We even saw giraffes mating, but they are not currently on the plain, but beside it.

The complex where the girls have gymnastics hosted a Valentine dance for families with kids with special needs, but all families were welcome. We all went and it was super special seeing My Firefighter dancing with each of the girls. I'm sorry our photos are blurry, but the dancing never stopped. There were professional pictures taken, but we haven't received them yet.

February Round -up: Jie Jie's B-Day & Gymnastics

My goodness, she is 12 years old! She grew 4 inches this year but is still very small for her age at 52" tall and about 54 pounds. She's now in the church Young Women's program. It's a big developmental leap for her but everyone is kind and welcoming. For her birthday we had a fire in our backyard fire pit, a first since being in our new home (after 2.5 years!).

All the girls have also started gymnastics at an all-inclusive sports center. We have a scholarship, making this possible. The older girls do Fast Forward (on a grant) first, then Apple has her class for an hour, then the three older girls have class for an hour. It's a long haul Tuesday evenings, I have to pack their dinner, but it's been fun and developmentally helpful. I get to sit and chat with moms, which is very nice, too, especially since many of the moms have kids with special needs and can share that perspective.

After gymnastics class, any child with a birthday that week gets pushed around the gym on the horse and everyone in the class runs after them. It's terrific fun!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Left Hanging

Update 3/10/16: I now have an appointment for March 22!

Complex. There's that word again, uttered by a medical specialist's scheduler.

Four days ago I received a phone call from the geneticist's scheduler. They found something. They want me to come in. They want to photograph Jie Jie then have her leave the room while they tell me all about it. Usually, they like the child to stay in the room and participate in what's going on. They couldn't get me in until late APRIL! I mentioned we have other testing going on that this could affect so they moved the date to April 11. FIVE WEEKS away!

I asked for a phone consultation. Sorry, it's too complex to handle on the phone.

I said I'll read about it first in her medical record. Sorry, they aren't putting it in her record until after they consult with me.

Do they truly think it's okay to do this to people? To mothers?

Meanwhile, Sissy's been having serious behavioral issues. Things escalated shortly after her 17th birthday last November and reached a critical point the week before Christmas. It can't be explained without being very specific and there is an issue of her privacy. More evaluations are being done later this month. It's devastating. Her situation is also being described as complex by many specialists. I'm extremely angry at the people in China who hid/lied about her condition. I'm not alone in this. Other moms with children from the same orphanage have similar situations. Now we are figuring out how to move forward in a positive way.