Thursday, March 10, 2016

February Round -up: Jie Jie's B-Day & Gymnastics

My goodness, she is 12 years old! She grew 4 inches this year but is still very small for her age at 52" tall and about 54 pounds. She's now in the church Young Women's program. It's a big developmental leap for her but everyone is kind and welcoming. For her birthday we had a fire in our backyard fire pit, a first since being in our new home (after 2.5 years!).

All the girls have also started gymnastics at an all-inclusive sports center. We have a scholarship, making this possible. The older girls do Fast Forward (on a grant) first, then Apple has her class for an hour, then the three older girls have class for an hour. It's a long haul Tuesday evenings, I have to pack their dinner, but it's been fun and developmentally helpful. I get to sit and chat with moms, which is very nice, too, especially since many of the moms have kids with special needs and can share that perspective.

After gymnastics class, any child with a birthday that week gets pushed around the gym on the horse and everyone in the class runs after them. It's terrific fun!


Lynnea Hameloth said...

What a great opportunity for the girls (and for you to have with other moms!) Thankful you got that scholarship! Great updates!

C said...

Your girls are so beautiful, and they look so happy. You're doing a great job with them.

Renate said...

12 can't believe it. Happy birthday beautiful Jie Jie.

Catherine said...

12 already! Happy Birthday Jie Jie!!

What a great gymnastics program for the girls and so glad you have an opportunity to chat with other moms!

Almond Tea said...

Fast ForWORD is a great program. My son did it when he was in speech therapy years ago. It was really helpful.