Friday, May 20, 2016

Awesome Most Miraculous News!

We spent the day before yesterday in the Bay Area. Apple had her craniofacial clinic day. That's when we sit in a room and 11 specialists take turns coming in, one after another, then, at the end of the day after we leave, they meet and discuss each child and make a cohesive plan for their care.

Our great news is that Apple does NOT need frontal orbital advancement surgery at this time and probably not until she is 16 years old or so, if at all! This surgery would remove her skull from the top half of her eye sockets and her entire forehead, remodel it, then reattach it. There are risks. The entire frontal lobe of her brain would be exposed during the surgery, but still covered by the dura mater. Unless they nick it or tear it by accident. There's always the risk of infection, which we've experienced before with MRSA. And, the part I was really worried about, anesthesia emergence complications and allergy reactions, things we've also experienced.

I cried, I was so happy and relieved.

Afterward, we headed into San Francisco to the Academy of Science. When we lived in the Bay Area, we went to the Academy frequently. It was neat watching Apple see it for the first time. We saw the new planetarium show, narrated by George Takei, which was very well done. We made a super quick stop at Ocean Beach, an even quicker stop at IKEA to look at how they design their kitchen cabinets, ate dinner, then headed back home.

We left in the morning at 6am and arrived home just after midnight. It's a long haul, but with the good news about Apple not needing that surgery, I can't say I minded it this time.


Lynnea Hameloth said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Rejoicing with you in this good news!! That has to take a weight off your shoulders!! Sounded like a fun filled day!

Joannah said...

Wonderful news! I'm sure you are beyond relieved. :)