Friday, May 20, 2016

March 2016 Round-up

March 28 was Jie Jie's Family Day. It's been five years now that she's been home. Seems like the blink of an eye and just yesterday I was on my way to China to adopt her.

We haven't been to the park much because Apple just wasn't able to safely get around for a long time and there wasn't much she could do because of her little hands that can't grip. Now, however, she's learned to compensate for her hands and she doesn't fall down very often any more so she's loving the park. She was very scared of the swing for a long time, but slowly got used to it and now loves it. She's proud that she can swing now, too, and not be scared.

At the beginning of March, we travelled up past Sacramento into the mountains to visit My Firefighter's family. It started to snow and after barely an hour of huge flakes falling, we scrambled like crazy to leave his sister's place up in the mountains and get back to our hotel at a lower elevation since I don't have snow chains for my van.

Easter was low-key. The girls enjoyed it and were happy.

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