Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Day In Our Life

What's a day like for us? Today was special because we didn't have to go anywhere. We didn't even go to church. We slept in a bit past 9am and by the time the girls got moving (always hard when we are out of our weekday routine and I change things, like no morning showers because we're going to swim) it was 11am or so. Sissy was already out of kilter, but she ceased to function at the brunch table and spent the rest of the day in what we call the art room. She refused to eat for the rest of the day or speak or cooperate. This is typical for her at least one or two days per week.

After a little bit of yard work, which meant I put weed killer on everything I could and the middle two girls raked one corner of the yard, the three younger girls and I went swimming in our pool. It was my 3rd day of swimming and the girls' second.

It was super hot today so we couldn't stay out more than an hour or we'd all burn, so in we came at 1:40pm.

My Firefighter arrived and he and I put together a very large kennel for some of my cats who have forgotten their indoor manners. I can't blame them at all given what they've had to live through because of my girls. I know that sounds awful, but it's true.

After My Firefighter left, I took down the old smaller kennels and cleaned like crazy around the area. It's nearly impossible to clean my current floor, which is aggregate, but with a 6.5 horse power shopvac and a huge bucket of bleach water that I poured into the floor and my scrubbing brush, I hope to have made a difference. The aggregate is coming out some time this summer and then I'll have a cleanable floor!!! Yay!!!

Meanwhile, Blossom kept herself glued to her school desk for some reason, singing her songs with her CD player nearby and pouring over a book on our solar system. She was happy to be there. She's trying like crazy to understand it so she's memorizing facts in her efforts, but it's a bit of an obsession with her right now and her questions are never-ending.

Jie Jie needed help with her bath and it's now official, she cannot do this unattended any more. Despite my best efforts, she still, at 12, cannot figure out how to blend the hot and cold water and when I came in, she was balanced on the sides of the tub to keep her feet out of the very hot water she'd filled the tub with (remember, it's about 100 degrees outside, too)! It's hard to say if this in a comprehension issue or memory issue or both, but I cannot risk her burning herself or falling, so no more working the water by herself.

Jie Jie also chose to stay at her desk for the rest of the day. She drew and colored a beautiful picture.

I still worry when the girls stay at their desks for so long. I'd have thought they'd get enough of that during the week, but I supposed they just don't come up with a lot of ideas of their own so they stick to their routine even when they don't have to, and it's way too hot to play outside.

Apple puttered around. She played with her dolls and then her puzzles. She helped me with the kennel assembly by holding the bungees and then with the taking down of the old kennels. She loves to help and insists of helping carry in groceries so we safe the light ones for her. She's doing very well and is really getting the concept of time. She's said, "I went swimming last year!" and she asks, "Are we having daycare tomorrow?" I need to teach her the Days of the Week and start working on telling time. She's ready. She's also showing signs of reading readiness. I love that she's got a normal perception of time and of growing up and getting older.

Sissy refused dinner so she went to bed around 7:30pm. The others enjoyed their dinner and went to bed at 8:20pm.

I'm taking a break and will now close this laptop and get back to cleaning and preparing for tomorrow! My goal is to do a tiny amount of yard work each morning before the girls wake up and daycare babies arrive, while it's still cool.


Anonymous said...

I happen to live in the same city as you and I thought I might encourage you to take Blossom ( and the other girls) to the planetarium at the local university. Admission is cheap and the shows are as good as any around, they even have the telescopes out Friday evenings after the last show. You can look it up online for more info. The professor who runs it would be happy to answer Blossoms questions.

K said...

Thank you! I had no idea. I've already looked it up. This new interest in space was sparked last month when we went to the Academy of Science in San Francisco after Apple's cranio clinic. Despite my introduction many times to space science, it seems that this time they were finally ready for it.