Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Celebrating Four Smooth Days in a Row

It helped tremendously that we were home for three straight days over the long weekend. For the moment, our appointment schedule has eased up a bit. We still have our normal speech, OT and PT, but no extras like tons of evaluations, urine or blood tests, pharmacy runs, eye exams, and other *extras* that became our norm since last November and keeps persisting.

I also had a few brief moments today to feel *normal* again. I shopped at Trader Joe's, something I used to do a few times a week when I lived in my former town and could walk there in only 3 short blocks. Then, on the way home, I found a classical music station on the radio. I haven't heard classical music in so long, I took a nice deep breath, relaxed into it and turned up the volume.

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