Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Miracles From Heaven

There is a Living God. He grants us miracles. I got three today and a little one last Saturday. One was super huge. One was huge. One was big, and may turn out to be huge.

I never laid eyes on anything from Homeland security concerning Apple's Certificate of Citizenship. I only found out this year that she wasn't documented as a citizen with Social Security. I went to Homeland Security and they requested a copy of her file and saw that it had been sent, returned, sent again certified mail and signed for. I called the new owners of my old home and they didn't remember ever seeing it, much less signing for it. It's been heavy on my mind. It's more paperwork to get another one and possibly a fee of $400 unless I fill out another form that would approve waiving the fee.

Last Sunday morning I was walking around the block alone and praying. I felt the Holy Spirit comfort and reassure me. I followed His instructions and took my family to church for the last hour. We haven't been in months and months. It was hard, but I knew it was right. Being out with my oldest is hard right now; her behavior is unpredictable.

Suddenly, just a few moments ago, at 1:30am I walked into my office and picked up and large brown envelope at the base of my desk chair. Right at the base of my chair where I've been sitting off and on most of the past three days. I hadn't seen it there before. I've been vigorously sorting and catching up on mail for the past three days. It wasn't there before. I picked it up. I turned it over. I saw that it was from Homeland security. My old address had been scribbled over. My new address was written in. I opened it. It's Apple's Certificate of Citizenship!

Also today I received a call from the ASD clinic in the Bay Area. We got an appointment for a full day evaluation for THIS FRIDAY! Or, she said, we can wait until August. We cannot wait until August. We are under some severe deadlines and behavior issues that need addressing ASAP. My Firefighter was able to get the day off to help even though his department is stretched thin and mandatory over time is being enforced. We will leave Thursday for two appointments at two medical centers three hours north of us then afterward drive to the South Bay, another 2+ hours in the car, stay the night in a hotel (expensive!), and make this Friday's appointment, which is from 9am to 3pm.

Lastly, something else turned up in the pile of paperwork on my desk. I had completely forgotten that Jie Jie was evaluated by Kaiser in July of 2013 exactly one month to the day of Apple being placed in my arms in China. That's about 2.5 weeks after we moved. The top of the evaluation said it wasn't in her file and could only be obtained by written permission from the psychologist who administered the evaluation. This means that it wasn't in the file that was sent to our regional center and I would never have known if I hadn't have found this today. The doctor's name isn't on our Kaiser contact drop-down list on their message website patients use.

I know I didn't get these miracles because I went to church for one hour. I received this miracles because I have faith. It was renewed this week when I watched the movie Miracles from Heaven because I saw myself in that mom as her faith faltered for a time along her hard journey. I examined my own faith and realized it hadn't faltered but that I hadn't been putting energy into it and I remembered a lesson from long ago called Faith Takes Energy.

Last Saturday, my visiting teacher, a sister from my church ward, showed up with a pink miniature rose plant for me and a Happy Father's Day. I was definitely wearing my "dad hat" as I tackled my yard with my weed whacker. The little miracle was that little pink rose bush in a little pot. I'd been missing the roses I'd left behind at my old house. The roses in my current neighborhood were beautiful this year. I didn't know roses grew so well here. I'd moved my roses from my apartment to my house when I bought my first house, but didn't bring them down here to this house and I've missed them, mostly because people had given them to me and I've been missing those people a lot lately, but also their delicate beauty.

God is with me. He has my back. He knew I needed help and He provided me with what I needed most. I am so grateful and humbled.


Anonymous said...

So happy these little miracles happened for you. You must have been so relieved to find the documents! The care of special needs kids generate so much paperwork that sometimes I think we moms need secretaries!

Peggy said...

It warms my heart to hear such good news! Your faith has grown my faith. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Praying for answers and traveling mercies for your doctor appointments and evaluations.

Anonymous said...

Hope the doctor visits gave you some answers