Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Another Medical Trip

This is Shriner's Hospital for Children Northern California. We came back up here on July 8th to check on Jie Jie's scoliosis, Blossom's feet and Apple's hips. Everyone is great here, very friendly and no waiting in the x-ray department! Everyone commented on Apple's painted toenails. I'd actually painted all the girls' toenails and it helped them have fun when they got examined.

The news was mixed:

Blossom's feet are doing fine.

The surgeon here disagreed with the Kaiser surgeon about Apple's hips and suggested a "wait and see" approach because, while they are deformed, her hips are not dislocated.

Jie Jie's spinal fusion surgery is being planned and scheduled and it will take place in less than four months. In the last 6 months, the thoracic curve increased and is now at 47.5%. She's also developed a significant lumbar curve. We can't wait for her to grow any more, lung function is now going to start being compromised. She's worried and scared and it's been very stressful for her, but she's working through it all in a very healthy way.

Part of me wonders if the surgeon said what he did about Apple's hips just to put my mind at ease so I can get through Jie Jie's surgery first.

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