Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Apple is Growing

Apple is 1/2" taller, the same weight and 2 shoe sizes bigger (at age 4.5 yrs.) than Jie Jie was at age 7 yrs. 3 mon. Apple is now in all the clothes Jie Jie wore when I first got her. Here they are wearing the same outfit.

July 4, 2016, Apple age 4.5 yrs., 33 pounds, 32 inches tall.

May 2011, Jie Jie age 7 yrs.

Jie Jie age 12 yrs., Apple age 4.5 yrs.

June 26, 2012, Age 8 years.

This darling Land's End bathing suit was a gift from another single adoptive mom who has a daughter from China and a son who was adopted domestically. It was for Jie Jie but she was never able to wear it. I've been saving it all these years. What do you think, Tiff?

Showing off her first pedicure with toenail polish. She was thrilled! She woke up in the middle of the night needing a drink of water and when she laid back down, she said with a dreamy grin, "I like my pretty toes." Those were also the first words she uttered in the morning when I woke her up.

Apple is still one of those kids who falls asleep anywhere when she's tired.

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Kath said...

Apple is a sweetie! Love her big girly, girl smile!