Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Our 4th of July Celebration

We had a low-key backyard swim/bar-b-q party with a few friends at My Firefighter's place, then had a front row seat to the town fireworks from the front yard. I made a fruit pizza.

Jie Jie is my best swimmer, though all three older girls can swim. Sissy is the best at diving from the side.

Apple is learning and can swim underwater about 6 feet, but can't come up for a breath yet. For some reason, all my girls learned to swim underwater first and learning to swim with their heads above water was hard. Sissy is still working on it, but chokes a lot, Blossom can now do a real doggy paddle. Jie Jie can actually tread water.

The girls showed off their cartwheels. Jie Jie is the only one who can do a one-arm cartwheel.

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