Monday, October 3, 2016

The Mail Bomb: Part 2

It's nearly 4am and I've been at it for 5 hours - maybe more - things get fuzzy at this hour.

Last night I looked online at several websites that were supposed to help me get through my mail. They all look great until it's time to go through all the nice, neat piles. Here are my notes:

Here is my new sorting shelf, $15 at a garage sale, that replaced one table:

While I did have a lot more success knowing what to throw away, I still can't believe how much mail there is! The sheer volume of mail makes it impossible to get through to the point where it's not in this room any more!

There is some progress looking in from the doorway:




From the other side:



Looking from opposite sides of the room:



I suppose I'll see a difference after I start the filing part because this sorting part sure doesn't seem to make that big of a difference.


Anonymous said...

I immediately toss junk ads. I toss anything available online. For example if it is an explanation of benefits I know I can get it online later if need be.

K said...

Interesting. I read on one "helpful" website that I should keep the explanation of benefits and staple them to the bills when they roll in. Of course, that means waiting for the READ bill, not the two or three that come first before being adjusted by the insurance company.

Sandra Brown said...

If you haven't already finished sorting stop and do some filing. That way you will feel like the finish line is ahead! That will make it "look" less cluttered, less overwhelming. You've done a LOT though!!!

Peggy K. said...

You are on a roll, and soon you'll be to a point that it will just have to be maintained. Make sure when you set up your filing system you leave plenty of space to add more and make it less cramped. It's easier to file papers when you don't have to cram them into the files....and you'll feel more like filing, if it's easier.

sarah said...

Great job! We scan all our important papers...then i can search for them on the,computer. I have an app that i can take,a pic with my phone like a scanner....then i shred. I only keep bills that i need to pay and then have a scheduled time,once a week to sit down and go through it. I scan the check and the bill for my records and shred that too. The only papers i keep are medical reports for my daughter which i know is significant with your kids